9 Best Plants For Curtain Rod

Plants are the most elegant ornaments to adorn any indoor or outdoor space. In fact, if you want to enhance the beauty of your windows and curtains, you should consider some curtain rod plants or curtain hanging plants! The soothing greenery of these plants will make you fall in love with the beautiful morning sunshine peeking through your windows every day!

Among the top picks for curtain rod plants, the best ones are – Air plants, Boston fern, Maidenhair fern, Spider plants, English Ivy, Orchids, etc.

So, if you have already installed a curtain rod, it’s time to bring glory to your windows. For this purpose, you will need to know which plants can look the most elegant in your sacred space. You must choose the plants that can grow in low-lighting conditions and are not too heavy for your curtain rod. So, to know about these plants in detail, please read the entire article!

9 Most Elegant Plants To Hang From Your Curtain Rods

The best way to beautify your indoors is to bring a hint of nature inside! Rather than staring at empty white curtains on a window, why not add some peaceful greens! For this, you will need some curtain hanging plants. Moreover, these plants can look great in any corner of your house.

Styling a curtain rod with plants requires choosing the lightweight ones that do not require much care and maintenance and look incredibly beautiful. These plants must grow well under low light. So, keeping these points in mind, I have selected the nine best plants for your indoors. Read the next part to enlighten yourself more!

1. The First Pick: Boston Fern!

To be fair, all kinds of fern can look extremely beautiful in any premise. Boston ferns have long, slender stems from which parallel arrays of leaves sprout. The fronds look like feathers. They taper at one end and grow from the soil in bunches. When the plant grows full size, the stems keep hanging in a haphazard pattern. It looks exquisitely beautiful!

Besides, the advantage of growing these ferns is that they do not require much care. Just make sure they are at an optimum distance from the ceiling. So, it will ensure adequate air supply to the plants.

You can grow these in baskets or small tubs. In case of watering, try spraying them with water once in a while. Moreover, some even associate Boston ferns with air purifying. They are pet-friendly as well.

2. Sky Plants Or Air Plants

Tillandsia, are the air plants. If you want to do something a little outside the norm to spice up the beauty of your window space, this is what you need! Basically, these plants do not require soil or much watering. So, you can grow them in classy glass bottles or terrariums. Add some little lights inside the terrarium to make it look more exciting!

The one thing you must keep in mind is that the glass container should have a pretty big hole. This hole will allow sufficient sunlight and air to keep the plants alive. Air plants are easy to maintain and can look very posh!

Air plants are Epiphytes; that is, they do not require soil to grow. For watering purposes, you can try spraying them. However, they may sometimes need a little too much sunlight, for which they can go dull on gloomy days. So, be cautious in that case.

3. A Maiden’s braid: Maidenhair Fern

Just as the name says, it looks like a maiden’s braid. It has a typical fern appearance with long feather-like fronds. The stems grow adorable round leaves that give a braided look. There are purple leaves beneath the greens. So, on some light-colored curtains, they can look outstanding!

Don’t keep these plants in dry areas; they can be an absolute sucker for humidity. Again, make sure they are at a safe height from the ceiling to ensure optimum aeration. The feather-like leaves look very elegant when hanging from the pot. Also, Maidenhair ferns are very lightweight. So, they are perfect for hanging with other plants.

4. Spider Plants

The name comes from the long leaves that look like the legs of a spider. The leaves can grow in bunches so they cover a lot of space. Also, the leaves look like long green ribbons which taper at the ends. So, they can take a considerable amount of space in your window. 

They don’t need much light and food. Hence, these plants can be very low maintenance! They are budget-friendly as well. You can be relieved if you have pets at home. They are non-poisonous and pet-friendly.

5. Orchids

Who doesn’t love to have some orchids in their gardens! These beautiful violet flowers can increase the beauty of any place, be it indoors or outdoors. Among the hanging plants, you have limited options for flowering plants. I think orchids are the best choices to have in any curtain rod!

The best thing about orchids is that they can produce flowers for months and years! With very little sunlight and watering, they can keep going for as long as you want. So, they can be very low-maintenance too! You can even pluck some orchids and adorn other areas of your house whenever you want.

6. English Ivy

They are the commonest curtain hanging plants that you can find in every indoor or the other. English Ivy plants look more like money plants. The stems can grow very long, so they are your favorites if you are worried about covering space!

Basically, English Ivy is found on brick walls outside houses. The leaves can crawl a great distance and create a lovely climber-like appearance. If you want to decorate your windows with English Ivy only, it won’t be a bad choice either! They grow well in low-light and humid places.

7. String Of Pearls

As you can guess from the name, it looks like strings of wobbly green pearls growing from a tub. The thin stems give out beads of green leaves, which create a pearl-like look. Actually, the pearls are filled with reserved food. Mostly, this is water that helps them survive prolonged periods in the absence of water!

The thin stems can grow pretty long. The flowy appearance looks superb from high above, especially on white curtains. If you are lucky, you can have white flowers blooming among the strings of pearls too!

To make it look more elegant, you can move all the strings to one side of the pot. Or, simply let the strings flow randomly. Both ways, the leaves are going to flow like a beautiful green waterfall! Most importantly, water it often and dry the soil between two consecutive waterings.

8. Devil’s Ivy

It looks like a money plant too. They have beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Typically, they resemble Heartleaf Philodendrons, which is another lovely hanging plant. So, often people may confuse the two.

It is an evergreen vine. It requires the least amount of sunlight and watering. But it must be kept in a humid place. However, it can be toxic. So, if you have pets around, you need to keep them high up and remain a bit careful!

9. Prayer Plants

The name derives from the shape of the veins in the leaves. The veins come to meet at a confluence in a manner that it looks like two hands in prayers! Such a thoughtful idea behind a name! They have elliptical green leaves and red veins. The plant is very lightweight too.

They often need watering; because they depend largely on the moisture content of the soil. For lighting conditions, a moderate amount of sunlight and room temperatures are favorable for prayer-plants. They can look amazing in your living room!


Nothing can add more beauty to your windows than installing some curtain rod plants or curtain hanging plants! Saying hello to the morning sun or the starry night now can be more fun when you stare at the greens on your windows. The beauty is indescribable. The heart-warming effect of these plants makes you fall in love with nature over and over again!

I hope this article helped you to know about curtain hanging plants in detail. So, what are you waiting for! Buy your favorite plant today and adorn your sacred space. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Have a great time decorating your windows and curtains!


Hi I'm Mike, a self-proclaimed plantician (an invented profession to describe a plant enthusiast). Based in Sydney Australia, I enjoy the great outdoors and the greenery things around the garden, in particular, indoor climbing plants.

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