About Me

Welcome to the website of plantician.com!

My name’s Mike and I’m a self-proclaimed “Plantician”. I know you’re wondering what that is, so let me explain.

I’ve always been interested in vegetation, micro-organism, flora, landscapes, and anything to do with plant life. In high school, I loved Biology and topped 2% of NSW (Australia) for the final exams in 2004.

These days, with the rising cost of living and being at home more generally, I spend more time tendering houseplants and backyard gardening. And this has sparked a passion for cultivating, planting, and homesteading.

To further my knowledge, I’m looking at completing the Certificate II in Horticulture; to write better articles for the benefit of my audience. So while I’m not a practicing horticulturist by profession, I would describe myself as a subject matter expert in gardening, hence holding the profession of a “Plantician.” And you can become one too!

My short-term goal is to create a library of resources for passionate gardeners to maintain their best backyard, plant, and home vegetation. The vision is to create free resources for plant beginners to grow their own green life at home.

Here are some of the plants I have around the house:

We grow white flesh dragon fruits during the Spring and Summer seasons
Snow Pea Plant
We like to grow snow peas to mix into stir-fry meals in the winter seasons.
Artichoke Plant
We mainly plant artichokes to make Chinese soup.
This is the Tradescantia Nanouk. One of my favorite houseplants for its purple colors.

I enjoy growing hardy perennial houseplants because I have a full-time job and an active lifestyle. I like to keep low-maintenance plants and don’t mind an irregular watering schedule.

I tend to avoid sensitive tropical plants, such as the Alocasia Black Velvet, because they take too much effort and attention to keep alive. As I live in Australia (Sydney), the weather conditions are constantly changing throughout the year, unlike tropical countries like Singapore, that are typically warm throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy reading my site as much as I enjoy creating it.

You can reach me at plantician at gmail dot com.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!