What Psi/Pressure Should a Wheelbarrow Tire Be?

Most people don’t even think about tires when it comes to certain tools used outdoors or in the garden and lawn area. Wheelbarrows specifically are already inflated when you get them and unless you read the owner’s manual, you don’t even realize they need air until you have to reinflate them.

A wheelbarrow tire should be inflated anywhere from 15-80 PSI, depending on the model and type of tire. The best way to check the recommended PSI for your wheelbarrow is in the owner’s manual or on the side of the tire.

If you haven’t planned on needing to inflate any tires, it may be difficult or frustrating to figure out how, or where you can inflate tires that aren’t on your car, or the typical tires size. The great thing is, that most owner’s manuals give you all the information you need on the tires with your tools or appliance.

Finding Your Wheelbarrow Brand Specifications

When you purchase your wheelbarrow, it comes with an owners manual that outlines, in detail, the recommended specifications for everything  dealing with your wheelbarrow, including:

  • Max weight
  • Tire PSI
  • Tire size
  • Replacement part information
  • Warranty information

All the information you need about your wheelbarrow will be in your owner manual, however, if you were to lose it or purchase it second-hand, you can usually find the owner manual online on the manufacturer’s site.

Suppose you still cannot find the brand of your wheelbarrow and its information. In that case, the only other place you may be able to find the information you need is at your local hardware store that sells your wheelbarrow or something similar.

Chances are you will be able to bring your wheelbarrow with you if you can’t figure out the brand or anything on your own and some workers should be able to help you out. From there, they may even be able to offer you an owner’s manual of a floor model or something similar.

How To Inflate A Wheelbarrow Tire

Inflating a wheelbarrow tire is pretty simple, especially if you’ve blown up any other tire before. However, if you haven’t ever blown up a tire, the process isn’t hard or time-consuming, you just have to know what you are doing.

It can also help to know where you need to go to inflate your tires if you don’t have the necessary tools to inflate them at your home. Before purchasing a wheelbarrow, make sure you have the necessary time, resources, or equipment to manage and do the required upkeep so it continues working for you well past your initial purchase need.

Take The Tire Off Before Traveling

If you have to take your wheelbarrow somewhere to get the tires inflated, it’s much easier to inflate rather than taking the entire wheelbarrow in your car or truck and having to shift it around to fill up all the tires.

You can use a crescent wrench to loosen the bolts on your tires and you may need a flathead screwdriver to pry them off if they are particularly tight. Some places sell specific tools for wheelbarrow tires, but most of the time you can use what tools you already have.

Don’t Only Inflate The Flat Tire

If you only have one tire that is flat but the others seem fine, you may be inclined to only fill up the tire that has the issue, however, it’s possible that the other tires are low or too inflated which is causing the other tire some issues.

You need to keep a constant check on all the tires and their pressure to ensure your tires are evenly inflated and there isn’t more pressure or weight on one tire or the other.

Pay Attention To Your Max Weight

If you feel as if your tires are becoming flat or low pretty regularly, you may want to pay attention to your max recommended weight for your wheelbarrow. If you are putting too much weight into your wheelbarrow, your tires may not be able to handle it and it may cause them to go flat more frequently.

If you think something may be too heavy, it’s always best to air on the side of caution and go with less weight instead of more. If you are paying attention to the amount of weight you are using in your wheelbarrow, your tire may have another issue that needs fixing.

Where To Inflate Your Wheelbarrow Tire

If you don’t have the ability to inflate tires at your home, you may not know where you are able to fill up the tires in your wheelbarrow. The great thing is, that there are quite a few places that can help you figure out how to fill up the tires and how much pressure they each need.

Places you can fill up tires for your wheelbarrow are:

  • Hardware Stores
  • Walmart
  • Tire Shops
  • Dumps
  • Gas Stations
  • Feed Stores

Now, while all of these options near you may not have the ability to fill up your tires, at least a few of them should but you can call around and find out more information before driving there.

Some of these places can also help to fix your wheelbarrow tires if there are any issues as well. Places like hardware stores or feed stores usually plan on being the place for people to bring their tools and appliance tires to help get fixed.

If you genuinely have no clue what to do with your wheelbarrow tires, these are the same places that can and will help you will all the questions you need to be answered.

Final Thoughts

Wheelbarrow tires are very rarely thought about when people think about things that need repairing or inflating because most people don’t even realize those tires need air. When you purchase your wheelbarrow, usually the tires are ready for use.

The great thing is, wheelbarrow tires don’t require a ton of upkeep and only need to be inflated if they are damaged or rarely after a large amount of use. Even if you haven’t ever inflated a tire before, wheelbarrow tires are simple to figure out and manage.

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